Define Beauty: Nipples – NOWNESS

Highlighting the contradiction of nipples in today’s society, model and Gurls Talk founder, Adwoa Aboah, voices a letter penned by Alex Holder in a film […]

Finding Your Own Place with Kimi Werner and Mercedes-Benz – NOWNESS

Kimi Werner is a professional freediver and one of the most decorated spearfishers in the world. She has dived all five of the planet’s oceans […]

A Portrait of Cuba – NOWNESS

Rosanna Webster and Phoebe Henry’s fast-paced ode to the chaotic and colorful streets of Havana. Read more on NOWNESS –

They Call Me… High Octane

Getting thrown onto 3000 thumbtacks, elbowed in the face, or being on the receiving end of a “stone cold stunner” are not the obvious career […]

For Boundless Journeys: Rite of Passage

British director Iggy London creates a touching, coming-of-age tale centered on the everyday experiences of two brothers living in the city. A lyrical voiceover reflects […]

For Boundless Journeys: Renewed Intuition

British saddle and bicycle accessory makers Brooks England have collaborated with NOWNESS to create an exhilarating, three-part series profiling the different ways cycling can elevate […]

Admiral Schofield (22 points) Highlights vs. Windy City Bulls

Admiral Schofield (22 points) Highlights vs. Windy City Bulls, 03/06/2020

Joe Biden says Supreme Court nomination is a “threat to democracy” – BBC News

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has appealed to Republican senators to delay appointing a new justice to the US Supreme Court until after elections […]

Student Covid outbreaks were modelled and “entirely predictable” says government adviser – BBC News

The UK government has defended its decision to allow hundreds of thousands of students in England to return to university for the new term, despite […]

Room Tour Project 226 – BEST Gaming Setups!

Your mom loves gaming setups, she told me. She also told me this episode is sponsored by the Elgato Wave 3: — EA Millama […]

Justin Bieber – Holy ft. Chance The Rapper

Holy out now: The new era has begun for Justin Bieber with his first single HOLY featuring Chance the Rapper. So much more to […]