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Learning to Drown | The North Face

Learning to Drown follows the life and career of professional snowboarder Jess Kimura as she unapologetically shatters stereotypes with her own brand of unwavering determination […]

Last Days at Paradise High

Told from the perspective of America’s youngest climate refugees, Last Days at Paradise High is an intimate portrait of fading youth and the search for […]

Nemo’s Garden – Volvo – Full length film

Volvo & Sky Atlantic present a story about one man’s dream to build a farm at the bottom of the ocean. Directed by D.A.R.Y.L. Watch […]

Democrats can stop crime wave by doing this: Lawrence Jones

‘Fox & Friends’ enterprise reporter addresses the nationwide crime wave on ‘Fox News Primetime.’ #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: […]

'Stalkerware' Apps Help Domestic Abusers Spy On Their Victims

A terrifying app category known as “stalkerware” is readily accessible on any app store. NBC News’ Jacob Ward explains how these invasive apps are tailor-made […]

Watch: Officers Rescue Woman After Bronx Explosion

Body camera video shows the moments officers rescued a woman trapped under debris after an explosion at a Bronx apartment building. The collapse was the […]

Brit Hume: White House hoping to avoid this Clinton 'calamity'

Senior political analyst reacts to the White House attempting to rebrand the president on ‘Fox News Primetime.’ #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more […]

Tonga Gears Up For Recovery After Volcanic Eruption

New aerial images of the massive volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean reveal the scope of devastation as entire islands are wiped out. NBC News’ […]

Larry Elder sounds off on ‘soft-on-crime’ DA supported by Democrats

Los Angeles radio host and former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder sounds off on ‘Hannity’ #hannity #foxnews Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox […]

Tongan Olympian Explains Difficulty Contacting Father After Volcano Erupts

After the devastation of the volcanic eruption, many people on the islands are still unable to communicate with their loved ones due to the internet […]

Gutfeld: This is making us sick

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to new study that reveals ‘American politics really are making people feel sick.’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more […]

VIDEO: Volcano eruption leaves Tonga in ashes, but the scale of destruction is still unknown

An underwater volcanic eruption has contaminated water, destroyed homes, and cut off communication in Tonga. The scale of damage is still unknown.